At Inka Wasi, we feel that a healthy community is one where people step up to help each other, especially during these challenging times. For 10 years, Inka Wasi has been a part of the community, and we will be there now for those on the front lines healing our loved ones. We are working with Torrance Memorial Hospital, Little Company of Mary Hospital, and Harbor UCLA to make sure all the healthcare workers working 24-hour shifts enjoy a good meal. Providing 25 meals twice a day here for long as we can.

(Update: January, 2021)

Although we can no longer serve meals every day to local hospitals, we have been blessed with generous donations that allow us to continue donating meals as requested. Generous donors have sent our Inka Cares Meals to Fire Departments, to Police Departments, and to countless Hospitals. We have even gotten the chance to serve our local sanitation workers.

If you have the ability, please consider donating Inka Cares Meals by giving us a call or donating to the GoFundMe. For large donations, just let us know where you want the meals to go, and we can handle the delivery. Please get in touch to discuss further. Thank you for all you have done as a community, and for your continued support.

Update: May 2022)

Thank you all for you generous support. We served thousands of meals to healthcare workers across multiple hospitals. At this time we are no longer accepting donations, as we are no longer providing the meal donations.